Unit 1 Bargaining Caucus Meeting November 16, 2022

Elect your Unit 1 Vice President, Bargaining Team, and have your voice heard!

WHEN: Wednesday, November 16th at 4:30 PM WHERE: Zoom (check your emails)

Bargaining is a vital part of the work we do as a Union! Our current Unit 1 Collective Agreement (CA) expires August 31st, 2023 — it’s time to start preparing for bargaining. In the past, we have bargained for Health Benefits paid by the employer, improved job security, and more!

As a member, we need to hear from you to help shape this important process. What issues are important to you? What improvements to your working conditions would you like to see prioritized? Your input provides vital direction for your bargaining team.

Election of Unit 1 Vice President:
The Unit 1 VP engages members and ensures that their interests are represented, both on the Executive, with the Employer, and on Trent Committees. The Unit 1 VP is also an important member of the Bargaining Team. Any current or recent Unit 1 Member may run for this position. If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to help your fellow members and speak out about contract faculty issues, this position is for you!

Election of Bargaining Team:
There are 4 elected members of the bargaining team. They consist of 2 designates and 2 alternatives. Alternatives assist with bargaining preparation and attend negotiations when designates are unavailable. Any current or recent Unit 1 member may run for a position on the bargaining team.

If you have any questions about the Unit 1 VP position, being on the bargaining team, or the bargaining process, please contact us at president@cupe3908.org.

Whether you’re running for Unit 1 VP, for a position on the bargaining them, or wanting to have your voice heard — your participation is invaluable.

November 2, 2022

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