Donations & Sponsorships

Guidelines for Donation Requests from our Community Fund

CUPE 3908 makes financial contributions to individuals or organizations working in community development and social justice. Through this fund we seek to provide resources to support events, projects, and causes that promote collective solutions to injustice and inequality. While CUPE 3908’s resources are limited, we recognize that organizations and individuals working in these fields do not always have access to adequate resources. To that end, CUPE 3908 has created funding guidelines to promote efficient, timely, and equitable decisions regarding funding requests.

Donation Criteria:

  • CUPE3908 provides support for the following types of initiatives:
    • Campaigns, events, and projects with a labour and/or education focus and/or direct relation to ongoing CUPE campaigns, CUPE Local 3908 work, and Trent University Inter Union Coalition work.
    • Strike support for other union locals, particularly CUPE locals, academic worker locals, and locals in the Peterborough or Durham regions. 
    • Campaigns, events and issues that relate to social justice, community building, and political action, and which are unlikely to receive sufficient funding from other sources.
  • Ensure that your sponsorship/donation request aligns with CUPE 3908’s equity statement:
    • We are committed to equity as a driving principle of our approach to our work, including but not limited to, our organization of events, our representation of our membership, our communications, and our advocacy and community involvement.  Equity means recognizing that the needs, resources, and circumstances of individuals and groups vary – especially along the lines of power, privilege, and marginalization – and that achieving fairness and justice requires taking meaningful account of these differences rather than merely treating all individuals identically.  It is understood that accessibility considerations are matters of equity. CUPE 3908 will utilize an equity-focused lens in all of its work to ensure that all members are heard, respected, and can fully access CUPE 3908 events, communications, resources, services, representation and support.

    Making Your Request

    In your funding proposal please include:

    • A statement of your organization’s mandate or objectives;
    • How your project/event and/or mandate aligns with the donation criteria and our equity statement;
    • A description of the event, campaign, or project for which you are seeking funding;
    • A budget outline of any expected income and expenses highlighting where the CUPE donation will be spent, and;
    • The complete name of the individual or organization as it should appear on the cheque and the address to which it should be mailed.

    Where possible, support from CUPE 3908 should be acknowledged in promotional material. We can provide you with the CUPE 3908 logo upon request.

    We request that you send us your funding application at least six weeks in advance. It is important to our executive to have time to consider applications thoughtfully. 

    Successful applicants normally receive support in the range of $200-500.

    To submit your application, or ask for clarification/support, please email:



    To submit your application, or ask for clarification/support, please email: