Donations & Sponsorships

Guidelines for Donation Requests from our Community Fund

Funding requests are accepted from organizations and individuals. Normally these conditions will apply, with the recognition that, in certain circumstances, the Executive Committee may decide to make exceptions to these criteria.

Requests for Donations

CUPE Local 3908 is a labour organization supporting contract faculty and student academic workers at Trent University. CUPE 3908 primarily makes financial contributions to organizations or individuals working in community development and social justice. Through this fund we seek to provide resources to events, projects and causes that promote collective solutions to injustice and inequality. While CUPE 3908’s resources are limited, it is recognized that organizations and individuals working in these fields do not always have access to adequate resources. To that end, CUPE 3908 has created funding guidelines to promote efficient, timely and equitable decisions regarding funding requests.


Donation Criteria:

  • Campaigns, events and issues with a labour and/or education focus and/or direct relation to ongoing CUPE campaigns, CUPE Local 3908 work, and Trent University Inter Union Coalition work.
  • Strike support for other CUPE academic locals, CUPE Locals or (non-CUPE) Locals in the Peterborough area and for non-academic CUPE Locals.
  • Campaigns, events and issues that relate to social justice, community development, and political action, and which are unlikely to receive sufficient funding from other sources.

The following items will not normally receive donations, but letters of support will be considered: 

  • Events not related to labour, social justice, community development, Trent University, or ongoing CUPE campaigns


Making Your Request

In your funding proposal please include:

  • The complete name of the individual or organization as it should appear on the cheque and the address to which it should be mailed,
  • A statement of your organization’s mandate or objectives,
  • A description of the event or project for which you are seeking funding,
  • A budget outline of any expected income and expenses highlighting where the CUPE donation will be spent, and,
  • How your organization’s project or event aligns with CUPE 3908’s mandate.

Where possible support from CUPE 3908 should be acknowledged in promotional material. We can provide you with the CUPE 3908 logo.

The CUPE executive meets every 3 weeks and financial requests will only be considered at these meetings, therefore we request that you send us your funding request at least one month before the proposed event. If we do not receive the funding request with sufficient notice will only consider retroactively funding under exceptional circumstances. Successful applicants normally receive support in the range of $200-400.


Please keep requests to a maximum of three pages and submit them electronically to