CUPE 3908 Equity Statement

We are committed to equity as a driving principle of our approach to our work, including but not limited to, our organization of events, our representation of our membership, our communications, and our advocacy and community involvement.  Equity means recognizing that the needs, resources, and circumstances of individuals and groups vary – especially along the lines of power, privilege, and marginalization – and that achieving fairness and justice requires taking meaningful account of these differences rather than merely treating all individuals identically.  It is understood that accessibility considerations are matters of equity. CUPE 3908 will utilize an equity-focused lens in all of its work to ensure that all members are heard, respected, and can fully access CUPE 3908 events, communications, resources, services, representation and support.

Equity Initiatives

Learn about our many equity-based initiatives, and even how you can get involved. Have a question or concern? We want to hear from you! Please send us an email or drop into our office.

Our equity committee includes members of the Unit Executive and is open to all members-at-large from either unit.  While all members of the Executive are free to join, participation on the committee is a requirement for the President and both units’ Chief Stewards.

The committee sets its own agenda and priorities, in consultation with the Executive.

Equity committee responsibilities:

  • heling to identify equity issues that exist within CUPE and at Trent University
  • helping to identify gaps or problems in existing equity policy
  • ensuring that CUPE 3908 equity policies and by-laws are being followed
  • developing new equity policies
  • addressing member needs
  • liaising with other unions and associations, including but not limited to, groups on campus and within CUPE Ontario and National

Equity Committee Members:

Members of the Equity Committee who are not on the Executive receive a $50 stipend per term. All Equity Committee Members will follow, and be held accountable to, CUPE 3908’s equity policies, by-law, and Equity Value Statement.

Interested in becoming an Equity Committee Member? Contact us to learn more.

We stand in solidarity with striking unions, social justice organizations, and social justice movements. Our local offers donation and sponsorship opportunities for like-minded organizations and events. CUPE 3908 prioritizes organizations and individuals working in our community. Through this fund we seek to provide resources to events, projects and causes that promote collective solutions to injustice and inequality.

To learn more about our fund, please visit the donation and sponsorship page for details on how to apply.

Executive Training:

Each year Executive undertakes a range of  Equity Trainings based on the identified current needs of the Executive membership, in addition to the recommendations of CUPE National & CUPE Ontario.

Following the election of a new executive, all Executive members will participate in Anti-Oppression training.  If all executive members are returning and have therefore previously completed Anti-Oppression training with CUPE 3908, the executive may collectively choose to complete a different equity-related training as a group.

General Membership Training:

Annually CUPE 3908 will offer equity-related trainings to the general membership. Such training shall be open to all members. Costs associated with equity-related trainings will be paid for by CUPE 3908.

Equity Events

We strive to list important equity and social justice dates and events. If you have an event that you would like listed, please contact us a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the event.

Sorry, our events calendar is temporarily disabled. Thank you for your patience. 

Contact Us

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