We Support PSAC Local 901

Our fellow academic workers at PSAC Local 901 at Queen’s University need our support urgently.

Unit 1 of PSAC 901, representing Teaching Assistants, Teaching Fellows, and Research Assistants, has been in a tough round of bargaining with the employer for almost seven months. Their last scheduled day of bargaining was December 9th, 2021, at which time the employer refused to return to the bargaining table. Bargaining has been at a standstill largely due to the employer’s refusal to meet members’ demands over improving access to mental health supports. This is what the PSAC 901 Bargaining Team is fighting for:

  • Additional Year of Employment Guarantee
  • Mental Health Support and Rebate Funds
  • Gender Affirmation Leave, Violence Leave
  • Mandatory and Paid Anti-Racist Training and Sexual Violence Prevention Training
  • Equipment Allowance
  • Professional Development Fund
  • Increase to Contract Periods for TFs
  • Revised Accommodations Process

Despite PSAC 901 having submitted their monetary demands to the employer recently, the employer still has not responded. PSAC 901 has now filed for conciliation, a process where an officer from the provincial Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development is appointed to attempt to help both parties reach a new collective agreement. If conciliation is unsuccessful, both parties are in a legal strike or lockout position. PSAC 901 is currently preparing for strike action should the employer continue to refuse to meet the basic requirements of bargaining.

CUPE 3908 stands in solidarity with PSAC 901. Queen’s University’s refusal to continue bargaining with the workers who ensure that their institution functions is profoundly disrespectful–especially so with the added hardships of the pandemic.

Follow PSAC 901’s website for updates on their bargaining process, and show your support for PSAC 901 on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. No one should be alone in the fight for equity.


In solidarity,

The CUPE 3908 Executive

January 25, 2022

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