CUPE 3908 Stewards

Become a Steward

Are you be interested in acting as a steward? Or, do you know someone in your department who
knows how things work, is friendly, and helpful?

You don’t need extensive knowledge of the collective agreement for Unit 1/2 to become a steward. The main requirement for stewards is that they are a member of the unit they will be representing and that they abide by our equity standards.

We are always recruiting steward positions. If you’re interested, please contact the chief steward of your unit.

Types of Stewards

There are 3 types of CUPE 3908 stewards: Unit 1/2 chief stewards, Unit 1/2 stewards, and equity stewards.

Chief Stewards

The chief steward is the person members will contact with questions and concerns. It is their job to learn what rights members have, and to represent them in meetings with the employer. Comfort in an advocacy role and conflict-resolution skills are assets in this position. Chief Stewards of both units will be active members of the union’s Equity Committee. Training is available, and Stewards are supported by the President, Vice Presidents, and a representative from CUPE National.

Monthly Stipend: $584
Hours: 5 – 7 per week


Unit 1 and 2 Stewards

A steward acts as a liaison between CUPE members in their department and the CUPE executive. They do community outreach and orientation to make sure all members know about their rights, benefits, and the local’s events.

Term Stipend: $50
Hours: Very minimal throughout the term


Equity Stewards

Members of the Equity Committee will be known as Equity Stewards. Equity Stewards shall follow, and be held accountable to, CUPE 3908’s equity policies, by-law, and Equity Value Statement. Visit our equity page to learn more about our equity committee. 

Term Stipend: $50
Hours: Very minimal throughout the term

Chief Steward Unit 1


Laura Greenwood

Laura Greenwood

She/Her | Chief Steward Unit 1 |

Chief Steward Unit 2


Sarah Cullingham

Sarah Cullingham

She/Her | Chief Steward Unit 2 |