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Winter Term 2019: Marking Assistance Fund

As you may know, Trent University has a marking assistance fund for instructors who teach classes with more than 50 students.

Recently, a memo concerning the assistance fund was sent to Unit 1 members who will be teaching in the winter term. The memo requests applications for the assistance fund to be submitted by December 12th. The two staff members at Trent University who process the applications for these funds are currently out of the province, which is the reason for the indicated due date.

Please note that December 12th is not the official deadline for submission. If you are unable to meed this requested deadline, the employer asks that you try to submit your request as soon as possible. However, all requests for this fund must be in no later than 10 working days after the start of winter term.

To apply for funding, please complete and submit the application below to your Chair or Director. Please also note that firstyear courses are typically supported at the undergraduate rate. Once teaching support fund allocations are approved, course instructors will be contacted to provide allocation information and additional instructions pertaining to the hiring of markers/graders. Course Instructors applying for marking assistance, for third and fourth year courses in which they have no additional support, will have the option to indicate that they would prefer to perform the marking for students in excess of 50. In this case, they will receive the CUPE Unit 1 Marker/Grader rate for the number of marking hours approved by the Dean.

We recomend that you submit your application as close to the requested date of December 12th to receive a timely response, but would like to stress that the application deadline is still 10 working days after the start of winter term.

Download application here.

Read the original memo here.

Last modified: 03-Dec-18

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