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Tax Time: Home Office Expenses

Disclaimer: CUPE3908 and Trent University do not give tax advice. The information provided here is general, and members are advised to seek the guidance of a tax professional to determine its applicability to their specific circumstances.

In 2013, we gained a provision in our Collective Agreement that would ensure members without adequate office space at Trent could claim the "Home Office" deduction for employees. The T2200 form allows employees to deduct certain expenses that they are required to incur as a condition of their employment, including using a portion of their home as an office.

Eligible employees should download, complete, and submit the form to the Dean's Office by the deadline--March 15th. Please note that the form states it is to be filled out by the employer, however Trent expects Unit 1 members to fill the form out and send off for approval.

The exact language of our Collective Agreement states that:

It is acknowledged that when the employer only provides shared office space, subject to future changes made to the declaration of conditions of employment (T2200) form the Union and the Employer agree that the employee is required to work from home and will issue an appropriately completed T2200 indicating that more than 50% of work is done from home. All requests must be submitted to the appropriate Dean's office by March 15 of each year, and signed by the Employer within 5 days of being submitted.

For more information, see the following:

Revenue Canada, Workspace in the Home Information

Revenue Canada, T2200 Interpretation Bulletin (IT352R2)

Revenue Canada, T2200 Form Download

Last modified: 21-Jan-19

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