CUPE3908: Statement of solidarity on the eve of receiving the ratification vote results

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Statement of Solidarity with CUPE 3902 and 3903


As we count down the last hour before our online polls close, we want to send you a message of solidarity. Regardless of whether we ratify or reject our tentative agreement, we share with you the goal of making university education accessible. In a society that is as wealthy and prosperous as ours, it is shameful that we have somehow decided that we can’t afford to support the pursuit of knowledge.

While we don’t know what is going to happen in our vote, we do know that this is a battle that we need to fight on many fronts, with many tactics. It will not be won or lost by the outcome of a single strike, campaign, or action. We hope that the set of chances that have led to the current situation will be the basis for ongoing coordinated action.

We commit to supporting you in whatever way we are able, starting with sending a delegation to your rally next week. See you there,

In solidarity,


Last modified: 14-Mar-15

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