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Right of First Refusal (Unit 1)

The following is based on section 5.08 of our Collective Agreement--click here to download the agreement and read the actual text.

Right of First Refusal (RFR) is the primary mechanism for job security for Contract Faculty at Trent. Course Instructors, Tutorial/Workshop Leaders, Clinical Instructors, Academic Skills Instructors, and ESL Instructors can all earn RFR. 

Requesting Evaluation:

In order to earn RFR, you must request a performance evaluation. This may be done by checking the appropriate box on your Acceptance of Offer. Alternately, you may submit a request in writing to your Chair, copied to the Dean's Office, within the first 30 days of your appointment for courses of 12 weeks or longer, and within 10 days for courses of less than 12 weeks.

Evaluation Process:

Departments determine their own process for conducting evaluations. Members are encouraged to contact their Chair in order to learn what the process is in their department. It may include:

  1. a review of student evaluations in the given course
  2. a Departmental Committee's assessment of teaching effectiveness, which may include an in-class visit (with a minimum of two weeks notice--one week in compressed summer courses)
  3. a Departmental Committee's assessment of administrative effectiveness (e.g. submitting grades on time etc.)
  4. assessment of a teaching dossier, should you wish to submit one

Results of the Evaluation:

The Department is required to deliver a written report summarizing the results of the evaluation, within 60 days of the end of the course (completion of duties).

RFR by Default:

Where the Department fails to meet the deadline above, members may earn RFR by Default. According to the CA:

"Failure on the part of the department to deliver the written report to the member within this timeframe will result in a default evaluation of the member as "generally satisfactory". A second failure on the part of the department to deliver the written report will result in the member being evaluated as "fully competent".

Appealing the Evaluation:

Evaluations may be appealed as per the process in the CA. Departments may also dispute a claim of RFR.

Retaining RFR:

You retain your RFR as long as:

  1. You have worked in the Department within the last 24 months
  2. The course continues to be offered at least once every five years

Closely Related Courses:

RFR also applies to "closely related courses", defined as those which "encompass sustantially similar subject matter".

If you have questions about RFR, please contact your steward.

Last modified: 02-Apr-15

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