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Hours of Work (Unit 2)

All full-time graduate students who have a full teaching-assistantship (GTA) are obligated to work no more than 120 hours per term, with an average of 10 hours per week. You can keep track of your hours using a CUPE 3908 Unit 2 Work Log.

For more information on what is required of you as a GTA, refer to Appendix B of the collective agreement, as well as Article 19 which outlines the course information that your supervisor must provide you with to complete your work.

Let us know if you’re working too little or too much by contacting a Steward. This information will help us set priorities for future bargaining. For example, while some universities provide monetary compensation for overworked graduate TAs this is not guaranteed by our current Collective Agreement with Trent.

Download Work Hours Log Sheet Here in PDF

or in Excel

NB. spreadsheet is designed to print on legal sized paper.

Last modified: 10-Sep-15

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