CUPE3908: Trent to student workers: we need to make an example out of you.

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Feb 26th Bargaining Update

12:15 PM

Negotiations continue and we are getting the disturbing sense that CUPE3908 student workers are being used to set a precedent for bargaining with staff and faculty. How else to explain risking a strike over less money than many administrators earn in six months?

As the clock ticks, the employer continues to demonstrate reckless disregard for the Trent community. If you haven't already, please click here to join the over 200 people who have already called on Trent to bargain fairly.

We are continuing to bargain, but in the face of known tuition increases, our members have made it crystal clear that they cannot afford to be frozen out. And we know that if we are going to be used as an example, it'll be an example of principled resistance. It's not just about Teaching Assistants now, it's about all workers on campus.

We didn't ask to be put in this position. We've already got more than enough on our plates as students and workers. We still hope to be able to reach a negotiated settlement, but at this point we need to emphasize that a strike must be considered as a serious possibility. We will continue to provide updates throughout the day as time allows.

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Last modified: 26-Feb-15

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