CUPE3908: Nominate a Unit 1 or 2 member by January 11th to join the Young Workers Committee

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CUPE Ontario Young Workers Committee

Are you 30 years or younger? The Young workers Committee has two vacancies, and is looking for members in good standing to join!

Young workers are more likely to be affected by casualization of the workforce, creation of two-tiered workplaces, rising debt loads, and income inequality. They are often the first affected by government austerity programs and attacks on workers’ rights to free collective bargaining and independent contract arbitration.

To address these challenges, CUPE Ontario has a Young Workers Committee which reaches out to young members through support of local, provincial, and national initiatives in order to develop and maintain an active and educated membership.

If you're interested in joining the Young Workers Committee, please complete the nomination form and contact Mitch Champagne, CUPE 3908 President, at to complete the nomination process.

All nominations are due by January 11th.


Last modified: 08-Jan-19

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