CUPE3908: Unit 2 files for conciliation as employer balks on wage increases, benefits

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Bargaining Update - January 7, 2015

Unit 2 files for conciliation as employer balks on wage increases, benefits

After making initial progress during Fall term bargaining, negotiations for a new Unit 2 contract have formally stalled following the Employer’s rejection of several key proposals.

In an effort to move the negotiations forward, your Bargaining Team has filed for conciliation — a formal process in which a government-appointed mediator attempts to resolve disagreements between parties.

Predictably, much of the current impasse hinges on proposals that are financial in nature. Particularly problematic is the employer’s insistence on a two-year wage freeze for TAs. Benefits would also be frozen at the levels negotiated in 2011, in spite of rising costs.

In this climate of spiraling costs, members identified wages as their number one concern in bargaining surveys, with professional development and health benefits close behind. Your bargaining team is adamant in its refusal to settle for zeroes, and maintains that wages and benefits should not stagnate as the cost of studying at Trent continues to rise.

Your bargaining team has been at the negotiating table for a total of 5 days since the Unit 2 contract expired in August 2014. We remain hopeful that the intervention of a third party conciliator will nudge the Employer from its current inflexibility.

In solidarity,

Caileigh Morrison
Gary Larsen
Liam Brown
Karen Everett
Phil Abbott
Stephen Horner

Your Bargaining Team.

Last modified: 07-Jan-15

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